The end of the road

The End Of The Road is a novel about family relationships, friendship, betrayal and deception.

The wise, we are told, forgive but do not forget. But is forgiveness ever really possible when some things are impossible to forget?

 Jane, slowly recovering from the shock of her husband Neil’s sudden death three months ago, is looking forward to a weekend visit from Fran – her friend and the mother-in-law of her daughter, Lucy. But almost before the weekend gets under way, Fran goes missing – a seemingly inexplicable happening which throws Jane’s life and those of their inter-related families into turmoil again.

In the months following this traumatic weekend, as one guilty secret after another comes to light, she is forced to re-assess both her marriage and her relationship with Fran.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Engrossing, compelling & extremely well written debut novel, October 1, 2015
This review is from: The End of the Road (Kindle Edition)
In a single word – compelling. Three pink unicorns could have pranced through my living room while I was reading this and I doubt I would have noticed. I’m frankly shocked that this is a debut novel because the quality of writing is so amazing, the characters so vivid, the story line so intriguing, and the author somehow managed to pull off a very satisfying and inspiring ending. Most especially impressive was the way the back story was seamlessly woven through the chapters – brilliant!